Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Single line network scanner with bash

for ip in 192.168.1.{1..254}; do for port in {21,22,80};do nc -zv -w 1 $ip $port &> /dev/null && echo "$ip at Port $port is up" || echo "$ip at port $port is down";done;done

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Xerox Docuprint 203A with Raspberry Pi CUPS server

How to add Xerox Docuprint 203A to Raspberry Pi CUPS server

Xerox Docuprint 203A is a relatively old printer, in order to use raspberry pi as a print server for it, you need to obtain the right driver for linux arm for it to function properly.

You can never get the linux driver for it, as this is a very old printer, however the brother printer HL-2030 driver is a perfect replacement for it

Download it from here and import the PPD file and it will work magically well.