Monday, June 25, 2012

Install Google Playstore on Pendo Pad 4.0 and rooting the device.

Coles selling the Pendo 7" Android Pad running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.03, however by default it does not come with Google Play Store. Rather it has the China "store" GetJar, which only have limited Apps available. In order to get the  Google Play store install on device. Firstly you have to root the device to gain root access.

1. Download unlockroot from :

2. Connect the device to a windows PC, install and run the program. Make sure window machine has the necessary driver to access android pad.

 If device driver is not available. Download and install the driver from:

Make sure set the android device to USB Debugging mode to allow the unlockroot to root the device:

Enable the USB debugging mode from :
Setting -> Developer Options -> USB debugging

Click on Root to root the device.

After that, install the google play store by downloading it and transfer it to SD card put it on the device.

Google Services Framework:

Google Play store:


  1. Anybody happen to know which device driver to use for the PendoPad? Doesn't appear to be available from the link given above :(

  2. ADB

    I had luck with that driver brah

  3. Well finally managed to get unlockroot to work...using my XP machine instead of my main Windows 7 pc. Now can't sign in to google acct as trying to use mobile service rather than wi-fi even though i have turned off mobile service in settings. bloody pendopad is giving me the absolute s$%ts

  4. Was told about an app store called nicely as still couldn't get playstore to work

  5. Make sure you move the Google Service Framework and Google Playstore main APK back to the main directory for it to function properly.

  6. I installed both the files. But when i run google play i get a error message
    "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped."
    Does anyone know how to fix this issue

  7. I also have same problem also does it with jar

  8. Fix for "Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped."

    - Follow root instructions (uninstall play store)

    - Remove ES File Explorer bundled with device by using root manager (and anything else you don't want bundled)

    - Download and install a new copy of ES file Explorer

    - Copy the Framework and Play Store into system\app

    - Play Store will install automatically

  9. I managed to root and install google play and services, but when I try to download something, it comes with and error saying "(random app)" could not be downloaded due to an error (Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-5:AEC-O])

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  11. Just read DataBeta's post on the link root required, just install market afet downloading the apk and copying to pendo

  12. For the lazy...

    OK this is easy...picked it up for 69 bucks

    Installed play store in five minutes......

    First,download the zip from the link below:

    All you need is the market.apk file

    Copy it to your pen do

    In your favourite file explorer on the pendo, click market.apk and install....

    Job done. Enjoy your play store apps. No need for root access :-)

    1. Thanks, this worked perfectly on my pendopad 7" with Android 4.2. did not need to install the framework or loginservice (They would not install) but but the market installed and worked perfectly

  13. This has also worked for my new 9.7" Pendo

  14. You would think that for the Aussie market the Google Market / Playstore could have been fixed ?! ?

  15. That's cool! I'll try now. If you like to download awesome paid apps and games in Play Store, click here!

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