Monday, June 25, 2012

Install Google Playstore on Pendo Pad 4.0 and rooting the device.

Coles selling the Pendo 7" Android Pad running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.03, however by default it does not come with Google Play Store. Rather it has the China "store" GetJar, which only have limited Apps available. In order to get the  Google Play store install on device. Firstly you have to root the device to gain root access.

1. Download unlockroot from :

2. Connect the device to a windows PC, install and run the program. Make sure window machine has the necessary driver to access android pad.

 If device driver is not available. Download and install the driver from:

Make sure set the android device to USB Debugging mode to allow the unlockroot to root the device:

Enable the USB debugging mode from :
Setting -> Developer Options -> USB debugging

Click on Root to root the device.

After that, install the google play store by downloading it and transfer it to SD card put it on the device.

Google Services Framework:

Google Play store: